Mixed newspapers and notes – 1995

Archive 1995 – Pierre J – Tribal Track

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Sidelake in Sundsvall had great success with Melodie MC and the producer Statikk. They started the club-label “Dunkla” and the EP “Tribal Track” was released. Although the music was not so commercial, it went all the way up to top-20 on Swedish Dance Chart, which was extremely rare for such release.

I still think that the song Tribal Track sounds fairly ok even to this day and I’ve re-used it to a Hertz-track named “Acinium”, that   Richie Hawtin played a lot. Although I had no clue back in 1995 that it would be the case.

Archive 1995 – Tellus – Hey Ho

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Tellus third singel was a smash.
Top-5 on the Swedish Dance Chart, compilations and a video made.

Apart from our voices, you could hear the rapper Ro-Cee laying down the phrase “Get down, touch the dancefloor”.

Archive 1995 – Knockabout – Fire

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This is the sequel to “Reality” and did also great with a top-20-chart-position on the important Swedish Dance Chart. John wrote the lyrics and it was still Malin Dahlström (Niki & The Dove) who did the female vocals, but you can also hear “Studio Fredman” Fredrik Nordström, doing the brutal falsetto. Johan S did remixes once again, but also Rob Below from Swemix who did the “Monday Bar Remix”. This is the first time that it is available as a digital download.

Archive 1995 – U-Trax – Feel This Groove

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To be able to create som underground music I started “U-Trax” meaning “Underground Trax”. The first release is a vinyl-only-release.

In the first mix you can hear my Korg MS-20 being modeled via midi throughout the whole track. Check the ending in particular. Kenton Pro-4 is the machine who translated the old CV-Gate-information so that the old machine from 1978 could understand the modern MIDI-language. One mix is with a lot of organs and the last mix is based on Rolands classic machines, where the drums is from TR-606 and TR-909 and the baseline is from the acid-machine TB-303. This is the first time that it is available as a digital download.

Archive 1995 – Interview and mix on National Radio

Interview on Swedish National Radio.

This is the following full mix that got played after the interview.

In there, you can here some of my projects. The girl singing in “Knockabout-Reality” and “Pierre J-Set You Free” is Malin Dahlström and is today releasing records in her Grammy-awarded project “Niki & The Dove”. You can hear her in between 8.10-16.15. In the last track you can hear vocals from DaYeene and Fredrik “Apollo” Asplund.