Some articles from 1996

Archive 1996 – Minello – Satisfy Me

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Minello was created when I put together my two friends that never met before. Michael Jönsson and Nello = Minello. All Nello productions always ended up in a euro-style, and Michael was more into underground house music with a touch of soul. This match was indeed lucky a and they created a sound together, ending up as commercial house. This song also went on the top selling compilation Absolute Dance. All vocals sung by Shirley Clamp.

Archive 1996 – U-Trax – Tee-Bee Trax

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Here is the third single Tee-Bee Trax, aimed at Roland’s TB-303 that does the acid-lead-sound throughout the whole title track. The 303 becomes even rawer when the sound is processed thru a Ensoniq DP4-effect. There are another 3 funky trax on this EP as well. It’s the first time every this is available on a digital format.

Archive 1996 – Power Hot DJ Mixes

Another radiostation that got in touch with me was the brand new Power 106, that was a local Urban and Dance radio based in Stockholm. They wanted 2 mixes of 1 hour each with house music, every month on their show ”Power Hot DJ Mixes”. Other known DJs that I shared this show with was Rob’n’Raz, Micke Dodd, Emil Hellman, Jonas Wikström, Jonas Lönnå och Sleepy, all with their special genres. I did 28 shows during one year and here you’ll find some selected shows from 1996.

Archive 1996 – PJ Mix

During the summer of 1996, we started to plan the mixed compilation PJ Mix. It was the first of it’s kind in Sweden, done together with a major label, Virgin Records. They hade prior to this release, released some mixed compilations before, but all on import, and none was yet to hit the charts. The project was done together with Janne Lundqvist who was working at Virgin at the time.

This was also a sad wakeup due to all bureaucracy and competition in between different record companies. I pretty much now what I’m after in regards to songs and overall sound on this record, but I’m told that I might not receive permission to use all the songs I want. I’m putting together a list of 60 songs, to be on the safe side and we start to approach all the record companies. After the process, we are left with 20 songs, that is ok to use, and they seems to have been randomly selected. I’m stuck with a lot of reservs and songs that I myself would never play as a DJ. But with all this policy we had to stick with the stuff we had. Sad, but true.

The policy went so far, that songs that even Virgin themselves was in control of, was denied, to not interfere with their single sales. This compilation launched with both radio and TV-commerials and it ends up selling as expected and I’m here and now the first Swedish DJ, to have a mixed compilation on the sales chart, top 5. Ever!

Archive 1996 – Pierre J Presents Nello – Shirley

Also available on SpotifyApple Music, iTunesJuno & Beatport

Pierre J presents Nello. It’s a long story with a very sad ending, because he past away 2001. We got to know each other 1993 and it developed into a good relationship and also a lot of joint music productions. With this first release, “Shirley” that refers to “Shirley Clamp” who was singing on most of Nellos music, was the first out of many.

We later on in 1999 decided to stop cooperating and Nello wanted to do things his way, unfortunately with drugs involved, and he died in 2001 due to a heart attack. I’m still thinking of Nello from time to time with a lot of love. We shared many good memories and he was a truly unique character and he was so unlike anybody else on this planet. May he rest in peace!