Archive 1998 – 39 hits from 1998

A DJ mate Jacob, who worked for me at Trädgår’n, was after a yearmix with all the hits from 1998 to be played on New Year’s Eve. I was not particularly keen to spend several weeks doing one, but I could certainly help Jacob to do something. I ended up mixing it, using some parts of the summer’s P3 program and adding a bit of new mixes, so it would cover most of what was hits in 1998. It’s not the best medley in the world, but it still sums up 1998 on one good way.

Archive 1998 – DJ at Trädgår’n

The restaurant “Trädgår’n” in Gothenburg burned to the ground and a new building was erected in 1998. The premiere May 23, showed a lavish facility that could hold around 1500 guests at once, unique of its kind in Sweden, with sound, light and laser. Pierre J was asked about a DJ residency, manage DJ-bookings, music profiling and recieved a contract for 3 months, but it became a partnership that lasted 14 years. The Trädgår’n Nightclub was open 22.00-05.00, 4-7 days a week the first year, and age to get in was 25 years for females and 27 years for males.

The music profile in general was based on commercial house and techno music. I recorded some clips with my videocamera as well as a full audio recording on the DAT.

Archive 1998 – Paranoia – Out Of Control

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Richard, who co-wrote “Tellus-The Man With Background” had a new idea of a song. It ended up with “Out Of Controll”. It didn’t feel like it matched any of my previous projects, so the new name became  “Paranoia”.

Archive 1998 – Night Flight – Mo Funk

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This song went straight up to number 4 on the Swedish Dance Chart. The tempot was high and Tommy was yelling. It also went on a licence to Belgium and was released on vinyl over there.

Archive 1998 – “Big Bang” till Finland

Clips from the trip “Big Bang” to Finland 1998 with Calle Dernulf, Germund Stenhag, Patrik Larsson, Hugo Lira, Johan “JJ” Järpsten, Giovanni Sconfienza, Pierre Jerksten, Janne “Lankan” Lundqvist, Sten “Stonebridge” Hallström and other friends.

On this trip, the prize was awarded to the winners of the Swedish Masters Of Remix. More about that contest in the post about “Tellus-Take Me Up

Archive 1998 – Locobase – Keep On Movin’

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The name is taken from a cream that we used to lubricate our daughter with. You might recognise it if you have small children. Savastano did the main mix in a style that were very popular at the time. Tommy, that later became Subway Baby, did his first official remix all by himself.