Archive 1999 – Night Flight – Shake It Up (Remix)

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In the autumn of 1999, my single “Night Flight – Shake It Up” was released and now a license request from an English record label came. They signed it and wanted to release it when I asked if they wanted a mix as “English-inspired real club music”. Yes, of course. At this time, Olav Basoski was very hot and made house music in 130-133 BPM, that went to crossover to a wide range of DJs. And some stuff even ended up being played by techno DJs or trance DJs. I would now try to do the same, create a sound that would apply to many and the Pierre J’s “Funked Up” Remix was born.

The song was released in England and I can proudly say that the last Carl Cox played last millennium was “Night Flight-Shake It Up”! My song in my new remix, which then goes into a countdown. The place is Sydney in Australia and the mix is ​​also broadcast as “Essential Mix” on BBC Radio 1. Even Judge Jules and Pete Tong play it in their shows and for the first time it seems to me that my stuff does not necessarily have to stop being Swedish local achievements, because I can actually do stuff that even the world-wide DJ stars can and want to play. Record-release number 165 ready!

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2 thoughts on “Archive 1999 – Night Flight – Shake It Up (Remix)”

  1. And rock bindi beach it did! I wonder if he played or in Hawaii as well as that’s where he then travelled tontondo the second millennium gig…

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