Archive 2003 – Homerun-Twelve

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Mark Scaife, Klubblife Magazine, Toronto, Canada:
”In true ‘Homerun’ fashion, ‘Twelve’ gets straight to it with a solid techno foundation and a very aggressive ride. With the use of some great high pitch pads and filters ‘Twelve’ pushes forward with the occasional reggae sounding drum riff and vocal
snippet adding a fun dimension to the mix. This is definitely a peak time tune that will have any crowd screaming. Next we have the Man-To-Man-Slo-Mo-Mix’ of twelve, very
different tune but equally as good. This mix is a very laid back sexy house version but still contains some of the larger pads you wouldn’t typically hear in a chill version, which I found very appealing. Finally we have the ‘Homeruns Insane Beats’, and the final but nastiest mix of ‘Twelve’. This mix simply cuts hard, and what it is to play. I
particularly like the continued use of the reggae drums in this monster, and I only wish it was extended a couple of minutes. So bottom line a brilliant record that is a must grab upon release mid March of 2003!”

Review in – Pim 8/10, 2003-01-14

It was charted at nr 10 in Kats & Styles(Twisted, USA) top 15 chart.

Carl Cox:” Stompin again! 5/5”

LowEnd Specialists (USA) : “The Homerun remix is a bit more on the upper end of what we play, good progressive stuff! Really like the Man-To-Man Slo Mo mix of Twelve as well … really enjoy listening to that!”

Saeed Younan “Very interesting tracks… always crazy shit from you guys!”

Steven S (Switzerland, Pod, Imago) 4/5 ”A-side- Good working dancefloor track! B1- cool innovative idea – appreciate stuff like that! B2 – Technoide groovy rolling fucking cool piece- love it!”
Chris Gainer (Sumsonic) 4/5 “This is a more chunky progressive vibe, the A-side is likely to go off! I like it´s relentlessnesstrance edge! With an interesting downtempo track + cool driving beats – A strong release!”
Our Swedish supporter Dj Robin Soderman from the famous act Antiloop: ” The track just grooves bigger and bigger everytime I play it, phat!”

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Archive 2003 – Bug Walk-Radar

Also available on SpotifyApple Music, iTunesJuno & Beatport

Mark Scaife, Klubblife Magazine, Toronto, Canada:
”Radar is simply a shining chunky monster for just about any dance floor. With aggressive techy drum patterns and grinding tribal beats its sure to push the floor to its limits, especially when combined with some very nice acidy pads that lift the tune that much higher!
On the flip a similar remix of Radar only Much heavier with a very deep sustaining bass that just rumbles through the mix. I definitely prefer the second cut as it’s much more forceful and authoritative with all the right buzzy bits for the late night crawlers. Keep an eye out for this record in February 2003!”

Carl Cox: 4/5 ”This one´s good because there isn´t a big tribal element in there! Nice and minimal stomp!”
LowEndSpecialists: ”First attempt is the mix we preferred… big room record, heavy b-line”!
Saeed (& Palash). ”Wicked shit!”
Chris Gainer (Sumsonic, UK): 4/5 ”Nicely produced progressive vibes, the more chunky B-side rocks!”
Greg ”Stryke” Chin (Hooj Choons, Ovum USA) 4/5 ”Really good production. Excellent use of stabs and cool progressive drums!”
Steven S (Switzerland, Pod, Imago) 4/5 ”Hard groove- love the bassline – play it often !”

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Archive 2003 – Oldies Mixar

Historien bakom dessa mixar är att vi hade ett partygolv på Trädgår’n i Göteborg som jag bokade DJs på. Själv spelade jag i princip aldrig party längre, men fick ett ryck ihop med några spelningar där. Tänkte att jag plocka upp tråden från alla gamla medleys jag gjort som tex Absolute Party, Absolute Boogie, Wild Rock och Dance Explosion, som alla var mycket svåra att mixa ihop.

Så jag satte mig ner och gjorde en lista på de mest spelade partylåtarna vid denna tid. Sedan plockade jag fritt bland dessa under de ca 3 veckor det tog att få ihop mixarna. Totalt sett ger dessa mixar ett 4 timmar långt block med några av de mest kända låtarna som finns. Har du själv någon fest för blandade åldrar där igenkänningen skall vara 100%, så är det bara att trycka play 😉

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Archive 2003 – Man-To-Man-Waves

Also available on SpotifyApple Music, iTunesJuno & Beatport

”The original mix is a high paced track. A fusion between techno and progressive house is the right description to give it a place. An acidic bassline combined with tribal hihats makes this track a true dancefloor rocker!

The ”Homerun Mix” on the flip is the one which draws my attention most. I still can remember how I liked his remix of Martin H´s ”Kombak” on the 10th Q Recordings release. Again this is grown-up, well composed progressive house music. It radiates an enormous strength of power. WOW!”

Mark Scaife, Klubblife Magazine, Toronto, Canada:
”With no mucking about, ‘Waves’ gets straight into a pumpin groove with a solid tech progressive attitude and an intellectual vibe. This, the Homerun’ mix is one of a few tunes I’ve heard in a while that can really work a crowd with ease, even in the wee hours of the morning. On the flip we have the Original mix, equally as good only electro’d up giving this version of ‘Waves’ a nice forward aggression. The introduction of a deep distorted voice gives another degree of character to this mix along with plenty of nice pads and sweeps.
I just dig the electro mix and have seen it work brilliantly on a variety of dance floors. Be sure to pick this puppy up in March of 2003!”

Carl Cox gave this 5 out of 5 and said it´s one of the best Q´s yet! Excellent forward pushing soundz!

Saeed Younan ”Good tune… I dig both mixes, but I really like the Homerun rmx the most!”

LowEndSpecialists: “The Homerun remix is the one we liked… have played it a couple of times already!”

Steven S (Switzerland, Pod, Imago) 4/5 ”Play the original, it´s a mix between oldschool & uptodate rhythm- cool! A deep warm remix!”

André Absolut (Switzerland SOG, Sumsonic, Monobasic) 5/5 “Awesome, will definitely play it!” and Tobi Wirz aka Greed liked this so much that he put it up among his favourite tracks at the moment on his website!

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