Archive 2000 – Espionage – A Revelation

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A release that Judge Jules played on Radio 1 in UK and Fatboy Slim played a lot. The faithful listener of my productions may recognize the same pattern on my Roland TB-303, previously used in a release with Savastano. You’ll find it in the slightly harder mix called “Trippy Funk Mix”

Archive 2000 – Sky Box – The Break

Sky Box was a project made together with Giles Goodman, who also ran the record label Rosenberg Entertainment where this song was released. There is a version we made together, but here is the “Pierre J’s Cut Up Remix” that I did. The fat bass is made on a Roland Juno-106, hardly known for that. This remix was supported by Plump DJs, who also brought it to their mixed compilation “Plump DJs – Urban Underground – The Breakbeat Elite”

Archive 2000 – P3 Remix

This is the show P3 Remix on Swedish National Radio. Around 1000-1500 songs were played throughout the year and besides house and techno, you would also find subgenres as trance, 2-step, progressive, breakbeat, electro, hard house among others. Here is a selection of the shows.
Down below is some commercials for the shows.


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