Archive 2001 – Hertz Mix 2001

My new techno-project Hertz was just launched. A lot of the music in the techno genre invited to do some heavy mixing with a lot of songs layered on top of each other. I edited over 100 songs that got mixed together in this special 1 hour mix.

Archive 2001 – Remixes for fun

Det var inte så ofta jag hade tid och bara sitta och leka, men ibland så fick jag ett ryck. Mary J Bliges “Family Affair” var en enorm hit och ofta efterfrågad och den ville man ju ha en house-version på. Låten Flawless tyckte jag mycket om och när de satt fint i tonart så var det inte mycket att tveka på. Flawless fick ett bättre intro och outro också som var lättare att jobba med.

En annan favorit var Röyksopp – Eple som man också ville få upp lite i tempo, och så fick det bli. Trummorna är hämtade från min låt “Sidechained ‎– Cityscape”. Dessa spelade jag ute en hel del och fick även följa med i mina radioprogram.

Archive 2001 – Homerun‎–Native Bullet

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The track was put on the compilation: Ministry-Seb Fontaine VS The Soul Savers (Ministry Magazine) and played on the Swedish national radio ”P3 Dans”. It´s supported by dj:s like Danny Tenaglia, Graham Gold, Timo Maas and Antiloop. Played by Judge Jules on Radio 1, John Digweed on Kiss Fm and chosen to be Seb Fontaine´s VIP Tune on Radio 1. Dj:s like John Pleased Wimmin, Chris Fresh and many others charted the tune and it was among the top 30 in the Swedish Dance chart and on the Tuneinn Progressive Chart top 50.

The review in 7 Magazine – ”While the a side is a contemporary dubby take on old-school funk complete with wah-wah synts, the standout track is the Hertz remix on the flip. Making the most of the hi-energy bassline – Remember that old Nitzer Ebb on? – It´s a reel party tune that rocks, endlessly going up and down using not much else than funky percs and fx” really says it all. It was given 5 of 5 by Dancing Men.

Archive 2001 – TV-Themes on National Television (SVT)

My first work with TV-themes during the year 2000 lead into another show that was just about to update their music, “Packat & Klart”. I wrote and produced this theme and it went on air for 2 years until I did an updated version 2003.

“Fotbollskväll” was another show on National Television that also was ready for new music to their show. This is the version that went on air until 2004.

Archive 2001 – Ekkoheadz – Operate

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For those of you who read the last post about Sexual Healing gets the dub version right here. That’s actually how this tracks started. If you know it, you can tell where the headline “Operate” is taken from. This odd track also ended up on vinyl with the label Rosenberg. The song was supported by Anthony Pappa, joined the “Space Ibiza 2002” cd-compilation was heard in Seb Fontaines radio show.

Archive 2001 – Unreleased material

Although most of what I’ve done actually is released somewhere, there are a few tracks that are not. Here is two tracks, both done during spring 2001, that might be interesting to take part of.

Archive 2001 – Pierre J – Downtown Boogie

Also available on SpotifyApple Music, iTunesJuno & Beatport

This was released on vinyl 2001 on the label Yellhouse Records who operated from Malmö. It got two nice remixes that also got nice DJ-support. This is the first time these tracks are available on digital format.


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