Archive 2002 – Sidechained-Cityscape

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Carl Cox 5/5 ”I think you have hit the nail on the head with this one! I`m playing everywhere at the moment and looking forward to your future projects if they are anything like this!”

Satoshi Tomiie:”Ohh I love this record”

Scott Bradford from Lexicon Avenue played this together with Q-REC 007 in his dj-performance on John Digweed´s Kiss Fm radioshow. He requested this for the Shindig Mix-Compilation. So did Deep Dish for their next Global Underground!

It was also played by Kalle Dernulf on Swedish National Radio.

It´s a release wich has gained so much response, and entered soo many charts! To name some other names,, James Holden, David Duriez, LowEndspecialists, Saeed & Palash, Satoshi Tomiie and Hector Romero, Greed, Chris Gainer(Sumsonic).

Dj Robin Soderman, Antiloop: ”This is soo fxxxking great, nice and smooth, perfect!

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Archive 2002 – Man-To-Man-Magical

Also available on SpotifyApple Music, iTunesJuno & Beatport

Fergie played this on BBC Radio 1. It was requested for the compilation ”Tall Paul – Moonshine”

It was charted (Top 5) by Dan Maxam from Germany. Tall Paul and Fergie are big fans of theese tracks. Dj Parham (Fokused, Swe) put Selecta in his Top 10 chart.

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