Nils Frahm & Bob James

Nils Frahm is a unique multitalented artist that I really love. His way of combining beautiful melodies in an electronic context is mind-blowing. Not only is he a superb songwriter and keyboard performer but also a fantastic producer and a great sound engineer.
Here is a tribute mix in 2 parts with some of his amazing work.
Lay back and enjoy the magic sound of a true hero!

Bob James, one of my all-time favourite heroes. I discovered him in the late 80s, when all hip-hop-records was sampling his masterpieces.
Some of the songs is featured with samples in as many as 400 records, so you’ll probably recognise a lot of stuff 😉
Lay back and enjoy the jazzy and funky show!

Tracks in this mix is sampled by Röyksopp, Black Eyed Peas, The Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack, Soul II Soul, Tjuvjakt, Boys Noize, Aphex Twin, Beastie Boys, NWA, Run-DMC, A Tribe Called Quest, Mary J Blige, R. Kelly, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, EPMD, Ice-T, 2Pac, Todd Terry, Armand Van Helden, Puff Daddy, PM Dawn, Wu-Tang Clan, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Arrested Development & Eric B & Rakim to name a few.

Live on Facebook – all videos

Ett kul initiativ att sända live på Facebook. Dessa videos som du kan se nedan på YouTube har nu setts över 15.000 gånger! Dels på  Pierres Facebook-sida  där 5 videos hittas samt Hertz Facebook-sida  där techno-mixen hittas. Men alla avsnitt går att se här nedan;

Mixar live via vinyl i 30 minuter och ägnar 30 minuter åt att snacka om Absolute Dance 5 Remix som jag gjorde 1994.

Mixar live via vinyl i 30 minuter och ägnar 30 minuter åt att snacka om en remix på House Of Virginism som jag gjorde 1995.

Mixar live via vinyl i 30 minuter och ägnar 30 minuter åt att snacka om scratching, Absolute Party Medley, Remix och hur man gör en mash-up.

Hertz – Live in the mix – 1 hour techno

Mixar italo disco live via vinyl i 30 minuter och ägnar 30 minuter åt att snacka om att göra 80-tals mixar och hur jag gjorde en E-Type-Remix.

Mixar 90-talsmusik live via vinyl i 45 minuter och ägnar 15 minuter åt att snacka hur man mixar och tänker både live och när man gör medleys i datorn.

All music from Pierre J and all record labels

Here is the place for all productions of Pierre J, Hertz, Tellus, Night Flight, Savastano and all other aliases for Pierre Jerksten released from 1993 up until today. 

All the releases from Q-Records that started 2001 

All the releases from Abyss Records that started 2002 

All the releases from Sway that started 2002 

All the releases from Hz Trax that started 2005 

On the releases from Q-Records, Abyss, Sway och Hz Trax you’ll find productions and remixes from Adam Beyer, Adam Craft, Advent, Alex Long, Boriqua Tribez, Bryan Cox, Carl Falk, Cave, Christian Fischer, Drumcomplex, Enrico Sangiuliano, Elton D, Eric Sneo, Hardcell, Hertz, Homerun, Ignition Technician, Joel Mull, Johan Bacto, Lars Klein, Marko Nastic, Martin H, Mhonolink, Misjah, Nihad Tule, Ortin Cam, Paul Mac, Petter B, Pratap, Pär Grindvik, Samuel L Session, Subway Baby, Tim Track, Tobias von Hofsten, Valentino Kanzyani & Özgür Can to name a few.

All this music is also available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Juno, Beatport and all other online services.


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