Hertz – Fro Me Back – New single out now!

Yes, the second release from Sway this year is combining the past and the present in a really nice way! “Fro Me Back” gives us a glims of the past with a fresh new production, and “Fungus” is more or less doing the same! Samuel L Session wrap things up with his remix of the previous singel “Ahead”. What more could you ask for?

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Heini with Pierre J-Remixes

Gothenburg based DJ Heini delivers his debut release! After playing records for 40 years, since 1983, he wanted to build his own studio and create some magic. This melodic and soft debut got instant attention from Pierre J, who brought the original into a proper house-remix! Such a good feeling!

Subway Baby is also bringing his remix-magic into the package and to wrap things up, there is another track as well, Nightfall showing the diversity of Heini. Pierre J added a really nice trippy dub-remix to make the package complete.

All together a really nice debut with something in it for everyone!

Hertz – Ahead – New single out today!

Finally, the Sway-label and the label boss Hertz is now back! This is the first release this year, in a long serie of releases to come! With full focus, the label is now going back to the roots of funky techno, that med the label so famous! This first release is a 303-driven monster. Supported by two other mixes, as well “Recuperated”, telling us that the sleep is over!

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