Alla nya mixar 2021- nu med Italo Disco

Här uppdateras info om alla nya mixar som kommer under året.

2021-03-22 – Ny Italo Disco mix hittas under arkiv/1982
2021-03-17 – Ny Italo Disco mix hittas under arkiv/1982

2021-03-07 – Ny Electro Disco mix hittas under arkiv/1982

2021-02-28 – Ny Synt Mix hittas under arkiv/1980
2021-02-21 – Ny Synt Mix hittas under arkiv/1980
2021-02-18 – Ny Synt Mix hittas under arkiv/1980

2021-02-07 – Ny 12″ Disco Boogie Mix hittas under arkiv/1980
2021-01-30 – Ny 12″ Disco Boogie Mix hittas under arkiv/1980
2021-01-25 – Ny 12″ Disco Boogie Mix hittas under arkiv/1980

2021-01-17 – Ny 12″-Disco-mix hittas under arkiv/1979
2021-01-10 – Ny 12″-Disco-mix hittas under arkiv/1979
2021-01-04 – Ny mix hittas under arkiv/1979

Vill du titta på hur tankarna gick så finns här en liten video på 6 minuter som berättar mer.

Här är ytterligare en video på 13 minuter om mina mixar som släpptes under 2020, allt i detalj, från urval till mix och ljudkvalité!

Archive 1999 – E-Type – Megamix (number 2)

Stockholm Records made a smart move when they hired a DJ from the biggest radio stations P3, NRJ and Power to do their megamix. And then the safe card, me 😉 That way, all channels would have their own mix to play and even DJs had a lot to choose from. I had earlier made an E-Type megamix a few years earlier, but now he had released additional songs and I split it into two parts, the first with house that then floats over in his typical eurodisco style.

Archive 1999 – Pierre J – 5 Years In The Mix

After 5 years of work for all possible record companies and over 150 released productions, songs, remixes and mixes, this disc came to sum it up. Here’s the most you need to know about what I’ve been involved in during these years. Of course not everything but a lot. Many of the songs had topped the Swedish Dance Chart and I am delighted to look back on these years of such an intense and fun jobs.
Radio commercial for the record

Archive 1997 – Absolute Dance Classics Mix(es)

Here is a collection of the most popular songs from the 90’s. I wanted to create a mix, as long as possible, to be able to include as many songs as possible in this mix. But to do a mix of 20 minutes would exclude radio-play. Therefor, I created a 20 minutes mix that could also be played as 3 separate mixes. Hence the title “Mix(es)”. This is probably one the mixes that got most played all over, and can still be heard from time to time on dance floors all over Sweden.

Archive 1996 – E-Type – Megamix

This job was nr 80 in order for the record-companies. It’s a megamix done for the French market and sold over 80.000 copies.

Listen in mp3-format

(Unfortunately, I couldn’t upload this mix to the legal website for mixes “Mixcloud” that I normally use, because the mix was too short, and the upload on “Soundcloud” was removed due to their  infamous copy protection. That is the reason why this preview is in mp3-format)

Archive 1995 – Wild Rock Medley

Wild Rock was a popular compilation which was released on Mercury and when Wild Rock 2 was launched, it was time for a medley of songs from these two collections. We are talking about  rock songs in radio versions that fades after 3 minutes, which is a nightmare to mix together.

In the first draft, I used the drums from “The Balroom Blitz” during  “Sweet Home Alabama,” which sounded very good and also masked the somewhat dodgy time stretch that existed at that time. The record company thought it was a little too much “remix” so these drums were simply removed and the drums now started together with the chorus instead.


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