DMC World DJ Championships 1992

Pierres “studio” October 1992


Another photo of the studio. This is dated 1992. Both pictures of the studio is shot by my parents to show me the mess. This picture shows the ironing board in the middle with the 2 Technics 1200 on top, where we practiced just before DMC World DJ Championships. If you look carefully you could see most of the stuff I’ve been talking about, like my Portastudio, the Yamaha DX-100 and my Roland TB-303.

Archive 1992 – Club Mix – October 1992

This mix is focused on club music, starting out with some House and is building up to Techno. In the end there is also som Acid Jazz and funky Hip-Hop.

You can hear  “Deep Beats Vol 1” that I bought in London the same year and was a bit of a club hit known as “Sirens”, the David Morales Remix on Black Sheep, Robert Leiner’s magic song “Exit”, released under the alias “Andromatic” and that goes in my all-time-top-20. I could also mention Eddie Russ track “The Lope Song” from 1974 that’s just been released on a vinyl 12” and sounded like a very up to date track in the genre “Acid Jazz”, a style that was very popular in the early 90’s.

Listen in mp3-format

DMC Swedish DJ Championships 1992 – Pictures


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