Archive 1993 – Yearmix 1993

This is one old mix from my archive, mixes up some of the most popular songs from 1993, 93 songs in total.

All songs played from vinyl using Technics 1200 and mixed live into a 4-track cassette-portastudio, mixed into a computer, edited and then recorded on a DAT-tape. An Ensoniq-sampler was also used to create some some effects and passages.

Listen in mp3 format

Archive 1993 – James Brown-Soulpower – Pierre J Remix

A very tricky remix to do.

It is a mixture of “James Brown-Soul Power” and “Maceo & The Macks-Soul Power ’74” which in fact are the musicians in the band of James Brown, so both these recordings is sounding the same. “Soul Power ’74” is the saxophone-version of the track.

Instead of having a fixed tempo, I made Cubase follow these recordings instead, which varied from 104 up to 110 BPM. That synchronisation took almost a week on it’s own. Check it out!

Listen in mp3-format



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