Archive 2003 – Homerun-Twelve

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Mark Scaife, Klubblife Magazine, Toronto, Canada:
”In true ‘Homerun’ fashion, ‘Twelve’ gets straight to it with a solid techno foundation and a very aggressive ride. With the use of some great high pitch pads and filters ‘Twelve’ pushes forward with the occasional reggae sounding drum riff and vocal
snippet adding a fun dimension to the mix. This is definitely a peak time tune that will have any crowd screaming. Next we have the Man-To-Man-Slo-Mo-Mix’ of twelve, very
different tune but equally as good. This mix is a very laid back sexy house version but still contains some of the larger pads you wouldn’t typically hear in a chill version, which I found very appealing. Finally we have the ‘Homeruns Insane Beats’, and the final but nastiest mix of ‘Twelve’. This mix simply cuts hard, and what it is to play. I
particularly like the continued use of the reggae drums in this monster, and I only wish it was extended a couple of minutes. So bottom line a brilliant record that is a must grab upon release mid March of 2003!”

Review in – Pim 8/10, 2003-01-14

It was charted at nr 10 in Kats & Styles(Twisted, USA) top 15 chart.

Carl Cox:” Stompin again! 5/5”

LowEnd Specialists (USA) : “The Homerun remix is a bit more on the upper end of what we play, good progressive stuff! Really like the Man-To-Man Slo Mo mix of Twelve as well … really enjoy listening to that!”

Saeed Younan “Very interesting tracks… always crazy shit from you guys!”

Steven S (Switzerland, Pod, Imago) 4/5 ”A-side- Good working dancefloor track! B1- cool innovative idea – appreciate stuff like that! B2 – Technoide groovy rolling fucking cool piece- love it!”
Chris Gainer (Sumsonic) 4/5 “This is a more chunky progressive vibe, the A-side is likely to go off! I like it´s relentlessnesstrance edge! With an interesting downtempo track + cool driving beats – A strong release!”
Our Swedish supporter Dj Robin Soderman from the famous act Antiloop: ” The track just grooves bigger and bigger everytime I play it, phat!”

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