All music from Pierre J and all record labels

Here is the place for all productions of Pierre J, Hertz, Tellus, Night Flight, Savastano and all other aliases for Pierre Jerksten released from 1993 up until today. 

All the releases from Q-Records that started 2001 

All the releases from Abyss Records that started 2002 

All the releases from Sway that started 2002 

All the releases from Hz Trax that started 2005 

On the releases from Q-Records, Abyss, Sway och Hz Trax you’ll find productions and remixes from Adam Beyer, Adam Craft, Advent, Alex Long, Boriqua Tribez, Bryan Cox, Carl Falk, Cave, Christian Fischer, Drumcomplex, Enrico Sangiuliano, Elton D, Eric Sneo, Hardcell, Hertz, Homerun, Ignition Technician, Joel Mull, Johan Bacto, Lars Klein, Marko Nastic, Martin H, Mhonolink, Misjah, Nihad Tule, Ortin Cam, Paul Mac, Petter B, Pratap, Pär Grindvik, Samuel L Session, Subway Baby, Tim Track, Tobias von Hofsten, Valentino Kanzyani & Özgür Can to name a few.

All this music is also available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Juno, Beatport and all other online services.

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