Mixed newspapers and notes – 1995

Archive 1995 – Pierre J – Tribal Track

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Sidelake in Sundsvall had great success with Melodie MC and the producer Statikk. They started the club-label “Dunkla” and the EP “Tribal Track” was released. Although the music was not so commercial, it went all the way up to top-20 on Swedish Dance Chart, which was extremely rare for such release.

I still think that the song Tribal Track sounds fairly ok even to this day and I’ve re-used it to a Hertz-track named “Acinium”, that   Richie Hawtin played a lot. Although I had no clue back in 1995 that it would be the case.

Archive 1995 – Knockabout – Fire

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This is the sequel to “Reality” and did also great with a top-20-chart-position on the important Swedish Dance Chart. John wrote the lyrics and it was still Malin Dahlström (Niki & The Dove) who did the female vocals, but you can also hear “Studio Fredman” Fredrik Nordström, doing the brutal falsetto. Johan S did remixes once again, but also Rob Below from Swemix who did the “Monday Bar Remix”. This is the first time that it is available as a digital download.

Archive 1995 – U-Trax – Feel This Groove

Also available at SpotifyApple Music, iTunesJuno & Beatport

To be able to create som underground music I started “U-Trax” meaning “Underground Trax”. The first release is a vinyl-only-release.

In the first mix you can hear my Korg MS-20 being modeled via midi throughout the whole track. Check the ending in particular. Kenton Pro-4 is the machine who translated the old CV-Gate-information so that the old machine from 1978 could understand the modern MIDI-language. One mix is with a lot of organs and the last mix is based on Rolands classic machines, where the drums is from TR-606 and TR-909 and the baseline is from the acid-machine TB-303. This is the first time that it is available as a digital download.


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