Archive 1996 – Pierre J Presents Nello – Shirley

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Pierre J presents Nello. It’s a long story with a very sad ending, because he past away 2001. We got to know each other 1993 and it developed into a good relationship and also a lot of joint music productions. With this first release, “Shirley” that refers to “Shirley Clamp” who was singing on most of Nellos music, was the first out of many.

We later on in 1999 decided to stop cooperating and Nello wanted to do things his way, unfortunately with drugs involved, and he died in 2001 due to a heart attack. I’m still thinking of Nello from time to time with a lot of love. We shared many good memories and he was a truly unique character and he was so unlike anybody else on this planet. May he rest in peace!

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